Xuan Thieu beach in Danang city, Vietnam

Xuan Thieu beach still remains the same with its smooth sand and blue water.

Location: Xuan Thieu beach is in Lien Chieu district, Danang city. It is 3 kilometers South from Nam O beach.

Characteristic: Xuan Thieu beach is associated with a historical event in March 3, 1965 when the brigade 9 of the U.S. marine forces landed in the city to start the Local war strategy.

Being constructed with a coherent and adequate organization since 1992, Xuan Thieu tourism resort, consisting of hotels, restaurants and some kinds of entertainment for bathing, can satisfy all kinds of tourists’ requirement.

All the promising aspects of the beach will be developed with the help of the 15-km long tourist road route from Thuan Phuoc to the foot of Hai Van Pass through Xuan Thieu beach which has been constructing and will be finished in 2003.

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