29 March Park in Danang city, Vietnam

The park which located on Dien Bien Phu Street in the city center is reverse to Da Nang Supermarket. Covering an area of 21 hectare, this park comprises 10 hectare lake, many kinds of birds, trees, and animals. Surrounded by the fresh and cool atmosphere, many paths twist around rows of green trees, park benches under those cool tree shades.

Each of those elements above together contributes to form a harmonious park in the bustling city. The recreation such as traveling around the lake by train, water bicycles, visiting the funny house, underwater world, merry-go-round… in the park attract many children. This park, the significant recreational area of the city, is not only the place where hundreds of kinds of flowers, trees, ornament fish, rare animals are displayed but also the place where art museum, spring flower festival …are organized.

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