Cau Ngu festival in Danang city, Vietnam

In Da nang City, Ca Ong celebration, the greatest event of fishermen, is named Whale festival. The Whale was venerated both because the fishermen’s respect for Gods and because of its connection to the wealth of the entire village. As the whales usually rescue the fishermen from unfortunate situations, they are called with the respectable title “Mr.”

The person who first notices the whale pulled on the shore (fishermen called them “ong luy”) will be responsible for funeral of this whale. The Cau Ngu celebration to venerate the whale is operated annually after Tet holidays on the inshore zones like Man That, Tho Quang, Thanh Loc Dan, Xuan Ha, Hoa Hiep, etc.

In the middle of the March (Lunar Calendar), the celebration goes on for 2 days. The subordinate celebration is the first day and the second day is the main feast. In every family, the altar on which with presents are placed is ornamented gleamingly and majestically during the event. Their ships are also adorned with flowers and lanterns. The cluster of the old, good men whose family do not have funeral will be picked to perform the celebration. The master of event will give the donations which mustn’t be sea products and read aloud the speech to show the thankfulness for the intention of the whale and to plead for the safe sea journey, successful and tranquil life.

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