Bo Ban Communal House ( Đình Bồ Bản) in Danang city

Location : Bo Ban Communal House is situated in Bo Ban Village, Hoa Phong Commune, Hoa Vang District, Danang City.

Characteristics : The house was established to venerate the village gods and former scholar and to organize celebration every year. On 4th January 1999, the house was admitted as a historical and cultural vestige.

This village communal house, made of bamboo, was constructed on the Tam Vi mound in the early 19th century. This house was shifted to the center of the village and reconstructed by using bricks and plants 1952. The house has three components, two outbuildings with a length of 14.5m and a width of 9.7m and 36 columns which is constructed from Jack tree( cây jack) and ‘kien kien’ wood. The composition is Chong ruong – Gia thuât with the caps of the columns sculptured with a dragon’s head and the girders with apricots, poplars, bamboo like phyllotaxis and orchids. Besides that, the columns are also decorated with many other animal and bird patterns such as sparrows and monkeys and beautifying floral layouts. These original and artistic products are clever and genuinely sculptured.

Before the appropriating of the authority in August 1945, the residents assembled at the house to protest and forced the court mandarin and village officials to surrender the seals, documents and record books. The first resident voting stall for the national congress referendum of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam is Bo Ban which is the locality where the residents determine to wipe out the invader hired murderers, to annihilate the imprisonment zone and seize the weapons and warehouses in Hoa Vang District in the in the anti – American resistance war.

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